About Johnny Hebda

Johnny Hebda

I Don’t Stop When I'm Tired, I Stop When I'm Done.

Johnny resides in Salt Lake City, Utah. He is best known as an entrepreneur, actor, producer, director, recruiter and consultant. He is Vice President of Sales at AMP Smart, based in American Fork and recognized for two consecutive years as the "nation's fastest-growing home security company" (2016 and 2017 SDM Magazine). And he is the Founder of the award-winning Utah Repertory Theater Company, hailed by Broadway World as "Utah's most exciting up-and-coming theater company."

Johnny has worked throughout the U.S. and Canada on various productions as an actor, director and producer. He has received numerous awards for his directing and acting performances, and is a recognized name in the Utah theater community. His award-winning direction of the rock musical "Bare" received national attention. He frequently brings New York City-based artists and Broadway playwrights to Salt Lake City to premiere their works. For his contributions to the Utah Theatre community and founding of Utah Rep, Johnny was selected as a panelist for the 2018 BroadwayCon in New York City speaking on Building Theatre Community in Your Home Town. In addition to his numerous theater credits, Hebda frequently acts in films, commercials, and is a published model for several magazines and marketing campaigns. Including the recurring roles as Lewis Brightman III in the Soap Opera "Proper Manors." Stay up-to-date with his film credits on his IMDb page.

As the oldest of seven children, and raised in a Mormon family, Johnny served a two-year volunteer mission to the Canada-Halifax Mission. His formal education included the prestigious conservatory training at Florida School of the Arts (AA Musical Theater), Brigham Young University (BFA in Music Dance Theater) and Roosevelt University (MA in Directing). While at BYU, Johnny started two pest control franchises in Denver and Salt Lake City- Pointe Pest Control in which he was named "BYU Entrepreneur of the Year." Shortly after his graduation, Pointe Pest Control, including Hebda's franchises, was acquired by Terminix International for more than $20 million.

As Vice President of Sales at AMP Smart, Johnny lead the company in 2016 and 2017 to become the nation's fasting-growing security company (SDM Magazine) with an annual growth increase of 92% in recurring monthly revenue, and becoming a two time Inc. 500/5000 company. He frequently trains and speaks nationally on recruiting and sales strategies. He is considered an expert in his field and commonly referred to as "the industry's best recruiter." He is highly sought after by direct sales companies for his unique strategies, specifically door-to-door based marketing techniques, and his abilities to dramatically increase sales production in a short period of time.

Johnny also enjoys competitive running, swimming, traveling, singing, playing the piano, bars and nightlife, beaches and cruises. His obsession with New York City and Los Angeles leads him to these cities more than any others.

Professional Recommendations

I'd attribute Johnny's success to his ability to connect to people. He's a natural leader and capable of interacting with people from many walks of life. He is loyal and giving of his time and resources. It is because of these traits that people are eager to work with Johnny and seek him out.‬

Michelle Moore‬
‪Business Banking Officer- US Bank SLC‬‬

Johnny is a multi-faceted actor with vision as a director. He has a concrete background in acting and in musical theater and he has a lot of drive and dedication to his art. As the founder of Utah Repertory Theater, Johnny has followed his dream and assembled talented casts for an amazing first-year run of thought-provoking, entertaining, and artistic shows. He is definitely someone the theater world will keep watching.

Serena Kanig Benish
Adjunct Instructor at Utah Valley University

Johnny is one of the hardest workers I have ever met. I love his vision and his belief in the abilities of those around him. I will not pass up any opportunity that I have to work with him in the future.‬

Christy Hodder‬
Teacher/Choreographer at Maritime Conservatory of Performing arts

Johnny has been instrumental in helping us grow and build a successful team at AMP Smart. His work ethic and expertise are unmatched and he is extremely professional and very easy to work with. In an industry that is very competitive, it is nice to have someone like Johnny who is dedicated to helping us achieve success.

Jon Lindblom
Area Manager at AMP

Johnny is not only personable, but has the highest integrity. I was always pleased to have him represent me and the company where ever he went and whatever his assignment was. This always led to success in all he was asked to do as well as what he felt would assist and benefit the company without direct supervision and direction. This creativity and initiative was a great benefit to the company and to all the associated workers. I would hire him again without reservation.

Lynn Blake
Independent Capital Markets Professional

Johnny is one of the hardest-working people I have ever met. When he sets his mind to something he dedicates 100 percent until it is completed. Johnny is an amazing recruiter and a fun individual to work with. His creativity and innovation would benefit any organization.

Melissa Watts

Johnny is one of the hardest-working recruiters I have seen. He worked very hard to help the sales managers be successful.

Holly Glem
Director HR at Blue Raven Solar

Johnny Hebda is easily one of the most driven businessmen I have had the pleasure of working with. His ability to sell and recruit goes above and beyond the talent of a typical salesman. At a young age, he has already sold a company, and is now the VP of sales for the 3rd largest security company in the U.S. His cunning intelligence and passion for success are his two greatest assets. I see a bright and rich future for Johnny.

Todd Baldwin, CLCS‬
Helping Businesses Navigate through Healthcare Reform

I have worked with Johnny both as a Sales Rep under his management and as his personal assistant. Johnny is one of the hardest-working people I have ever met. His management skills are phenomenal and he is an excellent motivator. He is extremely supportive and always willing to go the extra mile to ensure his Sales Reps are fully prepared for all possible sales scenarios. Johnny is also a gifted recruiter within the sales industry. He is goal oriented and will not stop until a task is completed to the highest standard possible. He is constantly striving for the best for both himself and AMP Smart.

Kiren Dulai
Customer Engagement & Digital Marketing Placement at MSD

Johnny is the best Direct-Sales recruiter, trainer, and leader I have worked with in my 16 years of experience in the industry. He has the ability to find/attract talent and gets that talent to produce at the highest level possible. I've enjoyed working with Johnny and have learned a lot about recruiting and production from his example. Johnny is and will be an asset to any company he works with. I would recommend Johnny for any company looking to hire him.

Byron Gifford
Partner/Owner at AXIS MARKETING INC.‬‬

It was a pleasure working with Johnny for two years. He is a go-getter that sets high expectations for himself, as well as others around him, and then goes to work and does everything he needs to get the job done, while at the same time lifting others around him. His genuine spirit and the way he treats others makes those around them feel great about themselves and helps everyone rise to greater heights. Johnny helped me succeed in a job that was the most challenging thing I have done in my life up to that point and will do so for anyone else associated with him.

Kalle Harnos
DACH Landing Team

It's been a pleasure working with Johnny, he is organized and has a very rare work ethic. Johnny started with AMP as a sales manager and with-in weeks became a regional sales manager. Johnny is a recruiting machine and is a great asset to any company he chooses to work with.

Travis Stevens
In-house and finance

Johnny has an enthusiasm and drive that is unmatched, and an amazing ability to gain the trust of those around him quickly. He is a hard worker but an efficient worker as well.

Jesse Ranney
Producer, Director at Paradise Road Productions

Johnny is a very hard worker who knows how to prioritize. He will get the job done and do it right. I would recommend working with Johnny to anyone.‬

Timothy Steflik
President / Owner at Advanced Wellness and Rehab

I have known Johnny for 16 years, and he is the most driven and hardworking individual I have ever known. He attacks tasks head on and is always willing to put in extra effort to get a job done right. He is a great director and is very motivating to work with, plus he could sell ice to an Eskimo. ‬Johnny is one of the few people that not only will win in life, he deserves it!‬

Heather Cummins
Singer/Songwriter at Heather Billings

Johnny is one of the most positive and tactful colleagues I have ever worked with. This makes him and exceedingly talented recruiter, manager, trainer, and leader. My colleagues and I always looked forward to Johnny's office visits, as he never failed to lift spirits and increase productivity. He was also generous with his time and made himself available around the clock through email, text, or phone calls. I would consider myself lucky to be part of the same organization again.

James Greff
Associate, Corporate Finance

Johnny is the most driven individual I have worked with in my professional career. He consistently exceeds expectations and goals. Effective in expanding marketing programs and growing overall company revenue in a very short period of time. Ability to organize and develop marketing teams in several locations at once. Johnny is a structured individual and organized which allow other to succeed around him. He is a great asset to any company!

Russell Davis
Owner/Operator at Earth First Services

Johnny Hebda is one of the most talented people I know in the pest control industry. He knows the ins and outs, and knows how to run a successful company. There's no one who I would choose to sell pest control for over Johnny Hebda because he has the skill and history in the industry to create and oversee sales teams that WIN!!

Parker Winder
‪Helping Highly Committed Sales Leaders Transform Their Teams' results

Johnny Hebda is one of the hardest workers I've ever seen. He is very goal oriented and sets out to accomplish tasks with precision and tenacity. Johnny successfully recruited, hired, trained, and managed a very large sales team for one of the largest pest control companies in the nation. Johnny was a pleasure to work with. I know that he will do well with whatever he endeavors to do in life.

Greg Hunt
Owner, PPC Marketing

Johnny has a skill set that is off the charts. Johnny has been my supervisor for 3 years and I have been amazed at how he can bring people together to work towards common goals. Johnny takes care of his subordinates, and has always treated me more than fairly. He seriously works longer and is more dedicated than anyone I know. Johnny demonstrates his commitment to building a company by using his exceptional ability to influence others in an ever-positive style, reaping results along the way.

Sean Radvansky
Insight Pest Solutions

It is truly amazing to see what Johnny can accomplish in a very short period of time. He is master at what he does. I have never seen someone work harder.

Tyson Kearns
Owner/Operator at Stride Pest Control

Johnny Hebda is an approachable leader who is driven to accomplish all of his goals. He knows how to motivate his employees, and he is always willing to work with individuals on a personal level, as well as groups collectively. I greatly enjoyed my association with him.

Todd Jensen
Doctoral Candidate / Licensed Clinical Social Worker Associate (LCSWA)‬‬

Johnny is an excellent worker and a total workaholic, he will work until the job is done. He is a very good business competitor/achiever. I would recommend anyone to do business with Johnny.

James Hebda
Medical Equipment Sales Representative

I have worked either directly or indirectly under Johnny for the past three years at Incite Marketing. I know of no other person who is as self-motivated and driven to achieve success and out-do the competition. Johnny is an extremely focused and hard working individual, regularly sacrificing the personal comforts of relaxation, leisure, sleep, etc. for the benefit of his company and employees. He leads his marketing/sales company by example with his extraordinary talents in recruiting and sales, and has never required his employees to do more or work harder than he is willing to do himself.

Adam Smith‬
Sales Executive at AdvancedMD

Johnny has tremendous vision and works incredibly hard to reach those goals. He is extremely driven and hard working and has had incredible successes so early in his professional career. Johnny is an asset to any organization that he belongs to‬.

Seth Rasmussen
Associate at Latham & Watkins

Johnny had one of the best work ethics I know. He accepts nothing but the best from himself and others and has the confidence to say anything he does will be a success. I've worked with him in tough sales settings, and he has shown the ability to adapt to new situations and change his style of work to be successful in any environment.

Mark Leonard
Packaging Cell Manager at The Dannon Company

Johnny is passionate about succeeding and devout in accomplishing his goals. He his work ethic is unsurpassed. He is a pleasure to work with because his optimism is uplifting, and he is constantly encouraging others and striving to help them succeed. Johnny is honest in all his dealings with those that work with him.‬

Ben Worthington
District Manager

Johnny is a highly skilled and very detailed leader. He works well with others and dedicates all of his time to improving himself and those around him. His selfless service allows for an environment of success and growth. He is a great listener with the ability to quickly see the issue and start the resolution process. He is always willing to help others with their issues and create a plan for step-by-step completion and results. He speaks well and presents himself in a professional manner that encourages open discussions. He requires those around him to increase in their capabilities and continually strive for excellence.

Scott Schwab
Founding Partner at Aethos Ventures

Johnny is an excellent motivator. He is one of the most driven people I know - when he wants to get something done it will happen. Johnny taught me much of what I know about sales and I consider him a good friend.

Jason Jordan
Controller at Challenger School‬‬

Johnny is an extremely hard worker. 1st in last out. He always hears all your concerns and does his best to ensure they are taken care off.

Joel Ragar
Founder & CEO of ForeUP

Johnny is an excellent leader and has an incredible ability to motivate others around him. His is very driven and goal oriented. Not only is he a hard worker but Johnny is a smart worker. Because of that he will continue to see great success in his pursuits.

K. Christian Evans
Estate Manager at Anoatok Enterprises

Johnny was a pleasure to work with. He is a man of his word and always looks out for you.

Brett Burbank

Johnny is a talented and driven individual. I had the opportunity to work closely with Johnny on many professional projects and also consider him a friend. In his personal and professional life, Johnny sets and achieves goals, working tirelessly to see his vision become reality. He has the ability to draw others to him, to demand and to receive their best efforts. In my estimation, one of Johnny's greatest strengths is developing the talent he sees in others. I enjoyed working under his direction and will continue to benefit from the lessons I learned from his leadership.

Michelle Wilde‬
Epic Application System Analyst at University of Utah Hospitals and Clinics

Johnny has a very strong work ethic and is willing to put in the time, effort, sacrifice and resources necessary to reach company and personal goals. He is very goal oriented and sets the bar high for himself and those he works with. In the years I worked with Johnny, I found him to be very supportive and resourceful in helping the sales teams, myself and others in the company to reach our goals and targets. Johnny can be counted on and trusted to lead and succeed!

Jason Steward

I had two great summers working for Johnny. In an industry rife with deception and hollow promises, I never worried about Johnny following through for his team. He's the type of guy that will work however hard he needs to and do whatever it takes to get the kind of results he's looking for. I have and would continue to refer anyone to Johnny if they're looking for a summer opportunity to make a lot of money as long as they're wiling to put in the work. No one knows sales like Johnny, but I would happily work with him again in any industry.

Chris Taylor
Strategic Business Development at 3M

Johnny is one of the most effective recruiters I have ever met! Johnny pays attention to what people say and to what is important to them. He then follows through in multiple ways to fulfill those individual needs and desires. ‬Johnny has an uncanny ability to keep things straight when working with many people. Remembering specific characteristics, strengths, networking connections and so forth is just a beginning for him. ‬‬ ‪Johnny is a very smart individual and finds a way to get the things done he needs to. One of the nicest things about working with Johnny was knowing that if he was in charge of something it would get finished on time. He puts in the extra hours whenever he needs to.

Michael Stokes

Johnny and I worked together as business partners for 3 years developing several pest control companies. He has exceptional skill not only for finding and engaging talented key employees, but also for inspiring them to perform at their highest potential. Johnny has a unique capacity for taking on big projects and producing great results. During the years we worked together, his efforts led directly to the growth our business from a fledgling start-up to a multi-million dollar operation.

Rustin Diehl
Attorney and Consultant

Johnny was a focused and hard-working leader. He pushed me and other others to do their best and achieve our potential. I appreciate his dedication to his responsibilities and how he raised the bar for goal-setting, both for himself and for those around him.

Kevin Pomeroy
Content Marketing Professional

Johnny is incredibly hard working and able to do what he needs to in order to accomplish the goals he sets for himself. More than that, he is able to work with others to get them to accomplish what needs to be done as well.

Scott Salmon‬
Partner at Hanley, Flight & Zimmerman

Johnny Hebda worked with me following my retirement from Alpine School District and my work with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints while living in Nova Scotia, Canada. He was very much involved in the work, dedicated to the work, accomplished a lot and returned to his home after her was honorably released from the 24 month responsibility. He has my admiration and support.

Glade E. Giles
Retired school teacher and educational trainer‬‬

Johnny Hebda is a unique blend of artistry and professionalism. I had the privilege of collaborating with him on many projects, and he quickly distinguished himself as one of the most organized people I had ever met.

Mr. Hebda's leadership skills have made him successful in numerous areas. As a theatrical performer, he not only knows how to carry a lead role, but that of director and producer as well. As a leader on virtually every project he undertakes, his efficiency and networking skills make him an ideal project manager. ‬One of Johnny's most distinguishing characteristics is his ability to keep everything professional. Whether it's a business venture or a creative project, he settles for nothing less than excellence from all participants he supervises. That is why his events are so memorable.

Mimi West
Associate Marketing Manager at Land O'Lakes, Inc.‬‬

Mr. Hebda wanted to start a business which he had some previous experience with. As a return missionary, he had great "sales" experience, which is a major contributor to his success. He had a very clear vision of what he wanted to accomplish and was willing to do the needed but tedious work of developing a business plan to make sure he understood his market and all the financial, legal and strategic considerations. He was also willing to learn from those who had more experience then he had at the time. Because of this, he had a clear and effective plan of execution that he executed flawlessly. Mr. Hebda is focused, committed, and willing to do the hard work to accomplish the mission; the very description of someone who is going to continue to be enormously successful in his life. It was pleasure to have been his advisor.

Rudy Ortiz, MBA, CGBP, CTC
Manager of Client Services - AEDC - MS

I studied with Johnny at Brigham Young University. He is a sincere person who works diligently to create quality work. I noticed he always went above and beyond when working on his projects for school, in addition to going the extra mile to pick up extra-curricular activities. His work ethic has enabled him to create new opportunities for his own career and the groups he is involved with.

Jessica Montgomery
Journalist at The Valley Journals