Meet Johnny

Johnny has many interests and talents. And achievements. Equally divided between the business world, artistic endeavors and activism. When he’s working in business, Johnny is known as an entrepreneur, recruiter, and consultant. This background led him to his current corporate position as Vice President of Sales at AMP Smart Home and Solar, the 12th largest and one of the fastest-growing residential security, automation and solar companies in the U.S. (2021 SDM Magazine, Top 100). MORE
  • I'd attribute Johnny's success to his ability to connect to people. He's a natural leader and capable of interacting with people from many walks of life. He is loyal and giving of his time and resources. It is because of these traits that people are eager to work with Johnny and seek him out.‬

    Michelle Moore‬
    ‪Business Banking Officer- US Bank SLC‬‬
  • Johnny is one of the hardest workers I have ever met. I love his vision and his belief in the abilities of those around him. I will not pass up any opportunity that I have to work with him in the future.‬

    Christy Hodder‬
    Teacher/Choreographer at Maritime Conservatory of Performing arts
  • Johnny is not only personable, but has the highest integrity. I was always pleased to have him represent me and the company where ever he went and whatever his assignment was. This always led to success in all he was asked to do as well as what he felt would assist and benefit the company without direct supervision and direction. This creativity and initiative was a great benefit to the company and to all the associated workers. I would hire him again without reservation.

    Lynn Blake
    Independent Capital Markets Professional
  • Johnny is one of the hardest-working people I have ever met. When he sets his mind to something he dedicates 100 percent until it is completed. Johnny is an amazing recruiter and a fun individual to work with. His creativity and innovation would benefit any organization.

    Melissa Watts
  • I have worked with Johnny both as a Sales Rep under his management and as his personal assistant. Johnny is one of the hardest-working people I have ever met. His management skills are phenomenal and he is an excellent motivator. He is extremely supportive and always willing to go the extra mile to ensure his Sales Reps are fully prepared for all possible sales scenarios. Johnny is also a gifted recruiter within the sales industry. He is goal oriented and will not stop until a task is completed to the highest standard possible. He is constantly striving for the best for both himself and AMP Smart.

    Kiren Dulai
    Customer Engagement & Digital Marketing Placement at MSD
  • Johnny is the best Direct-Sales recruiter, trainer, and leader I have worked with in my 16 years of experience in the industry. He has the ability to find/attract talent and gets that talent to produce at the highest level possible. I've enjoyed working with Johnny and have learned a lot about recruiting and production from his example. Johnny is and will be an asset to any company he works with. I would recommend Johnny for any company looking to hire him.‬

    Byron Gifford
    Partner/Owner at AXIS MARKETING INC.‬‬
  • It was a pleasure working with Johnny for two years. He is a go-getter that sets high expectations for himself, as well as others around him, and then goes to work and does everything he needs to get the job done, while at the same time lifting others around him. His genuine spirit and the way he treats others makes those around them feel great about themselves and helps everyone rise to greater heights. Johnny helped me succeed in a job that was the most challenging thing I have done in my life up to that point and will do so for anyone else associated with him.‬

    Kalle Harnos
    DACH Landing Team
  • Johnny has an enthusiasm and drive that is unmatched, and an amazing ability to gain the trust of those around him quickly. He is a hard worker but an efficient worker as well.

    Jesse Ranney
    Producer, Director at Paradise Road Productions
  • I have known Johnny for 16 years, and he is the most driven and hardworking individual I have ever known. He attacks tasks head on and is always willing to put in extra effort to get a job done right. He is a great director and is very motivating to work with, plus he could sell ice to an Eskimo. ‬Johnny is one of the few people that not only will win in life, he deserves it!‬

    Heather Cummins
    Singer/Songwriter at Heather Billings
  • Johnny is one of the most positive and tactful colleagues I have ever worked with. This makes him and exceedingly talented recruiter, manager, trainer, and leader. My colleagues and I always looked forward to Johnny's office visits, as he never failed to lift spirits and increase productivity. He was also generous with his time and made himself available around the clock through email, text, or phone calls. I would consider myself lucky to be part of the same organization again.

    James Greff
    Associate, Corporate Finance
  • Johnny has a skill set that is off the charts. Johnny has been my supervisor for 3 years and I have been amazed at how he can bring people together to work towards common goals. Johnny takes care of his subordinates, and has always treated me more than fairly. He seriously works longer and is more dedicated than anyone I know. Johnny demonstrates his commitment to building a company by using his exceptional ability to influence others in an ever-positive style, reaping results along the way.‬

    Sean Radvansky
    Insight Pest Solutions
  • It is truly amazing to see what Johnny can accomplish in a very short period of time. He is master at what he does. I have never seen someone work harder.‬

    Tyson Kearns
    Owner/Operator at Stride Pest Control


Johnny’s Personal Philosophy

If Something Is Worth Doing, It’s Worth Winning.

This creed has been Johnny’s own motto and outlook. His belief is he has much to offer, and give, and learn. Competition is a motivator, along with comparison to what others have achieved. This is his standard of what is possible. He is only content when he knows he’s done everything he can to be the best he could possibly be.

Meet Johnny

In his creative life, Johnny is an actor, producer, and director. He acts regularly in stage productions, film and television, as well modeling and commercial work.

He was the founder and the first Artistic Director of the award-winning Utah Repertory Theater Company, hailed by BroadwayWorld as “Utah’s most exciting up-and-coming theater company.” And was the co-creator/producer of Skyfall Circuit Nights, Salt Lake City’s premier monthly themed circuit party, which has featured DJ’s, dancers, and queer celebrities from across the world. Additionally, he co-created the company LOUD+QUEER to produce large scale fundraising events and concerts, bringing in top LGBTQ+ artists and allies such as Todrick Hall, Thelma Houston and Andrew Christian. In addition, he frequently volunteers for non-profit arts organizations and LGBTQ-centered advocacy groups.

Johnny enjoys singing and playing the piano, particularly musical theater and jazz, and anything related to the prohibition era!  He is also a competitive distance runner, and frequently competes in marathons, triathlons and endurance sports.  He completed his first half iron man in 2019 and continues to compete in a few events per year.  He is the oldest of seven children and maintains a close relationship with his family.  The passing of his younger brother Ben on June 13, 2021 deeply impacted him.  In honor of his brother, he created the non-profit organization the Dread Love Mission (“Dread Love” was his brother’s pen name) as a way to promote education for and provide assistance to those who struggle with drug addiction.