Many individuals outside the industry believe it’s easy to be a model: just smile in front of a camera. But to be successful, a model needs to assume confidence and an expressive personality to distinctively shine.

Johnny’s wealth of experience playing a variety characters, through performing roles on stage and in film/TV productions, has opened the door to rich modeling opportunities.

Photographers have noticed the no-ego, self-assurance he projects and his adaptability on creative photos shoots. Modeling can be a glamorous profession, but it also takes a lot of dedication and hard work. Johnny carries an unpretentious positive energy and an "always at my best" vibe. MORE

Johnny's Model Mayhem Listing

Johnny’s portfolio includes photo shoots with a number of talented photographers. This list includes such industry-leading lensmen as Rick Day, widely known for commercial shoots for Abercrombie & Fitch, The Gap and Bel Ami, and for shaping portfolios of numerous agency-represented male models; and Ken Jones, also based in New York City, popular for his celebrity portraits and fashion/editorial spreads in worldwide publications. In Utah, Johnny has shot with Blake Yelavich, the esteemed male-physique photographer of Men of Utah fame, and commercial photographer David Daniels.

A published model for magazines and marketing campaigns, Johnny seeks out prospective creative photographers to bolster his modeling portfolio and experience.