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When I hear the brand , it?s a name I?m familiar with.? It fits so perfectly with the message I try to promote here on my site. If you?re a regular reader of my blog you?ll know that I predominantly weight train with some running too. That?s why I?m so psyched to share with you guys that I?m now proudly sponsored by TomTom Sports. If you fancy finding a particular path to follow or landmark, the Runner 3 will guide you there (and back of course!) How cool is that? I?ve also recently signed up for a charity swim challenge. You literally can run free safe in the knowledge that you?re not going to get lost. I don?t post many pictures when I train so I was delighted to welcome photographer Deano Moore into my gym last week. Best known as the global leader in navigation and mapping products and in more recent years adding GPS sports watches to their range. ? I absolutely love the company ethos of ?empowering movement? and ?helping to make smarter decisions. When I train, I train hard and I think the photo Deano captured above sums up my training perfectly. ? Do you currently wear a TomTom device? *Disclaimer: This was a collaborative post with TomTom. I?d love to hear what you think of your sports watch and what features you rate. I?ve already posted an intro video on Instagram that you can check out, with more to follow. This is no fashion show and there are no hearts and flowers. I?ve been relying on them for years to get me to where I need to be. ? Over the next few weeks I?m going to share with you my experience of using the . and I are in a relay team and will swim the equivalent of the English Channel, that?s 22 miles! The Runner 3 can be used in water and will track the distance I swim. I?m using my Runner 3 to track all of my workouts and loving the wireless music feature, so much better than strapping my phone to my arm when going for a run. You can even pre-load routes into your watch. I am going to be relying on this data so heavily because I would actually class myself more as a non swimmer. All words and opinions are my own. We know TomTom are ace at the navigation and mapping side so my confidence in using the route exploration feature is high. I?ll be concentrating far too much on my breathing and not drowning to count my laps! Follow my journey with TomTom and be sure to check out their range of awesome sports watches

Do you claim that you don?t like sports? Do you tell yourself that you ?can?t do it?? If this is the case then you haven?t found the perfect sport for you. For example, or Pilates. ? Not all sports have to be competitive, if you don?t fancy joining a sports club, have no fear! There are plenty of activities for you to enjoy whether it?s on land or off! For example, , hiking, kayaking and water-skiing, sailing etc. For example, try cycling instead of swimming. I believe there?s a sport out there for everybody! ? Whether you prefer playing and competing as a team or on your own, there are . You may learn to love the new sport and continue to enjoy both throughout the year, improving your skillset. ? Whether you are competitive or not, every sportsman needs rest. These include swimming, dancing, football, horse-riding, rugby, fishing, and that?s just to name a few. ? An important part of being involved in a sport is that it is enjoyable for you, don?t choose a sport just because your friends prefer it, choose one you prefer! Both team sports and solo sports allow you to meet new people and create new friends, so don?t follow the crowd, be different! There are plenty of ways to get involved, starting with school. Schools offer many sporting extracurricular activities however, if your chosen sport is not one of them, don?t panic! You can look at local clubs and leagues that you could look into joining. This allows you to push yourself and try something which is maybe not in your comfort zone. For example, ?- they are available in multiple sizes, help improve walking ability and allows everyone to get involved. You can choose to get together with friends and family or do it on your own for some peace and quiet. ? For those who , sports such as skiing, skating and snowboarding are popular, particularly in winter! However, you must ensure you have a professional teach you if you are a beginner ? you don?t want any broken bones on the first day!? If you would like to take part in these all year round, there may be some dry ski slopes around your area which may be able to facilitate for you. You may decide that the sport for you is one which encourages you to relax and results in a stronger mentality. These types of sports can be enjoyed anywhere and with people like your children or friends, brothers and sisters. Why not switch to another sport and push another part of your body. ? Do you have a disability which you feel restricts you from partaking in certain sporting events? Why not try using some of the equipment which is available. ? Have you found your perfect sport? I?d love to know what it is!

So, next time you?re in the gym, make sure you download these fantastic fitness-focused apps. 3. 4. With a calorie counter and a BMI calculator included, this is a great app for those who are looking for the full fitness package, but perhaps can?t afford a costly personal trainer. Follow the routine, see what works and get fit. Over 7 million people use its 1,200 exercises and workouts to get fit and stay healthy at the gym., and the app will present the best exercises for working them out. Bodyweight Training: You Are Your Own Gym allows you to get into a great shape without even stepping into a gym.There?s an app for everything here in 2017, and if you consider yourself a fitness freak and hit the gym regularly, there?s no reason to leave your phone in your locker.? With plenty of fantastic bodyweight training exercises that you can do at home, at the office and outdoors, this is the perfect app for getting you up and exercising wherever you are. Track your workout, learn new exercises and use the impressive calendar function to help you schedule in your specific workouts throughout the week.? With a clean user interface, straightforward ease of use and even a useful suggestion tool, we?d recommend this app for anyone looking to pump iron. ? Unless, of course, your gym is underground with little phone signal. ? A final benefit: the pro version of the app is continuously being updated and in the latest update, stretching workouts were added. Even then, if you?re on a good network like you might be in luck. ? What?s your favourite fitness app?. 2. GymGoal Pro This is another great all-round workout app, except that focuses on providing a thorough workout plan for each of your muscle groups. Pumping Weight is an app used by personal trainers around the world to help deliver great pure strength workouts. All you need to do is pick which muscle group you want to work out on the day of your routine, be it the biceps, the neck or the trap etc. There are no excuses anymore! ? Of course, while the app was designed for outside the gym, you can certainly still take advantage of its fantastic body workouts in the studio area of your gym. All-in Fitness is the best all-rounder on the market. 1

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